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Navigating the fair.
Or "Where the corndogs at?!"


Concept, UX/UI




Indiana State Fair app


The Indiana State Fair, like many states, is an end-of-summer celebration. It’s Indiana’s unique mix of agriculture, animals, and fun.

The State Fair commission authorized the design and development of an interactive mobile app to engage their audience and enhance the State Fair experience. 


In collaboration with the Indiana State Fair marketing team, I designed an iPhone and Android app which was on brand and feature rich. The app consisted of interactive maps, schedules, and loads of information to make the State Fair experience like never before. 

Best of all, the app was developed to give the marketing team control over the information with integrated content management.  


The app was a huge success. The user-experience enabled fair-goers to find and experience what they wanted, while the content management system enabled the marketing teams to disseminate information quickly. The app was widely embraced and achieved all outlined goals.

This app made finding the corndogs a breeze.

This app was the
whole hog.

No matter what your belly craved, the Indiana State Fair app was your guide.

All the fair info attendees needed was available at their (greasy) fingertips.