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The first mobile app for the Brickyard



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Indianapolis Motor Speedway 


The game changed when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone back in 2007. The evolution of the smartphone hasn’t slowed much since. Today, it’s uncommon for someone not to carrier a smartphone on their person.

As the lead visual designer at LiveLink, I collaborated with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to develop their first mobile app. The objective was to enhance their already legendary race experience and connect with fans.  


At the time of development, apps were a vital strategy for most organizations. The IMS app was a speedy lightweight engagement platform. It was a direct connection to their fans all over the world. But what made this app a game-changer for IMS was the full-scope content management and analytics dashboard. Functionally speaking, the app was equal parts event program and direct ticket sales. However, the analytics view that IMS had was unlike anything they had previously.


We successfully launched the first mobile app for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May – before the legardary Indy 500. Available for both Android and iOS. The app was met with great fan fair, embraced by fans globally, and it drove engagement like never before.

For IMS, the app was a vital connection to their fans, with real-time updates and content management. IMS could control the imagery, the written content, and the advertising banners. 

Easy to use, easy to update. This app was in the victory circle from the start.

The IMS app was robust, yet speedy. It included information for their three main events – the legendary Indy 500, the Super Weekend at the Brickyard, and the Red Bull MotoGP. Users selected one of those events and then drilled further down into the app experience. Once inside, the options for various information were vast.

The main menu was accessible from the top of the screen. The options we started with included the schedule of events, news, photos, tickets, results, and an interactive map. 

Each event (within the app) functioned in a similar manner, however, if necessary each event could have unique links specific to it’s needs. The biggest benefit for the IMS admin though, was having the ability to update the content inthe app itself. This allowed them to control all sections in real-time.

Race day - Beer in one hand,
phones in the other.

The IMS is a legendary facility with legendary events. They have an extremely high-bar in which their events and the overall “track experience” must perform.

This app delivered. It was quickly adapted by race fans and a wider global audience. The app has grown and developed over the years, just as the motor speedway has since it’s inception.

Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a race fan who didn’t have the app pulled up on her phone while enjoying the excitement the speedway has to offer.