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Genesys acquired Interactive Intelligence in December 2016. Prior to the acquisition, Interactive Intelligence developed a training and education program branded as Interactive University. After the acquisition, the two organizations merged their training programs to form Genesys University. For almost three years, Genesys University delivered training both in classroom and online, to thousands of customers. However, change was needed. The needs of the students had evolved as newer technologies emerged. Additionally, the word “University” was not encapsulating everything Genesys had to offer. So many opportunities were being lost.



After an extensive research and procurement phase, Genesys implemented a new learning management system (LMS). This new modern LMS would be a scalable platform for Genesys to build upon – enabling a long list of strategic initiatives. To that extent, the out of box user experience of the LMS platform wasn’t reflective of the Genesys brand. In a one-two punch, we customized the new user experience to engages and inspire, while simultaneously, renaming/rebranding Genesys University.

I worked with a cross-functional team of stakeholders, developers, and designers in the launch of Genesys Beyond. My role(s) included UX/UI, concept, naming, and overall branding.


The rebranding was a huge success. Genesys Beyond was embraced at the highest levels of the organization. Launching the new brand live to a crowd of thousands of people on the main stage of the Genesys annual user conference, (plus to thousands more streaming online). Genesys customers embraced Beyond, the new branding, and the learning platform. Learning subscriptions have allowed users to take all of the training that best fits their needs, and learning speed. The Beyond brand has significantly shifted the perception of Genesys training, inside and outside the company. Genesys Beyond revenue has spiked and continues to increase.

Boldly going where
no software training
has gone before.

Genesys Beyond is were users become experts.

Genesys Beyond. Knowledge without limits.

From Genesys University to Genesys Beyond. The story of constellations and connections.

For thousands of years, people have looked up at the stars in awe. You could argue there are few sights as beautiful and awe-inspiring as a dark, clear night sky. Seeing the moon, the graceful arc of the Milky Way, and all the twinkling stars is at the same time humbling and inspiring.

The ancient Greeks (among others), saw patterns in the stars. Each pattern, or constellation, had a story behind it.

    • Can Genesys University transform their education and training to inspire their customers?
    • Can Genesys University make their training/LMS simple and memorable?
    • Can we illustrate and show patterns from the course catalog that help learners consume more training?

Constellations connect points and in the process, they create something altogether new and memorable.

With the Genesys University rebrand and new learning platform, we had a tremendous opporunity to create an experience that evokes wonder, and inspires those seeking knowledge to find new paths.

The constellation concept illustrates the connection between the courses (stars) and learning paths (constellations). A Genesys galaxy was both strategic and scalable. Additionally, the concept lent itself for tremendous creative and graphic possiblities. 

The limits of Genesys products are vast. Inspiring Genesys customers to learn and grow was the realm of Beyond.

Incentivize learners and build-in credibility for their accomplishments.

Inspiration with a little side of incentive .

How do we help our customers achieve a level of mastery that goes beyond the basic level software training? Can we incentivize learners to invest in themselves – to learn at levels that can reshape the industry?

The answer is yes. In fact, it’s vital that this is done for your customers.

So, aside from the standard a la carte course offerings, we designed and developed four specific learning tracks for Beyond learners. Guiding them toward achievements. These tracks were engineered to help learners get a level of expertise that wasn’t available elsewhere in the the CX industry.

Additionally, I designed and named the level 1-4 badges. So with each track (Administration, Developer, IT, Business), we had a unified badge look. Achieving a badge gave the learner credibility. The phone on the left displays the badge in LinkedIn, giving the learner even more value for their investment.