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Kenra Professional


Kenra Professional hair care is dedicated to understanding and serving today’s stylists. Their high-end products are innovative and deliver superior results. 

Kenra Platinum tasked me with the digital aspects of a new product launch. Their new Hair Dry Spray was specifically engineered for the busy stylist market. They wanted to make a big impression to announce the product and get stylists to share their own experiences with the product – authentically. 


Among other product features, the Hair Dry Spray was engineered to reduce the blow-dry time up to 50% – saving stylists time and money. 

Leading with this proposition, we armed Kenra representatives with a mobile/tablet friendly presentation and free samples to share with stylists. In exchange, we asked stylists to share their experience with the product on social media. 

The website was an elegant Kenra branded experience with product information, a simple survey, and social media feeds (from Twitter and Facebook). 


  • Responsive design
  • User-generated content via social media feeds
  • Elegant, branded experience
  • Simple survey to drive engagement
  • Facebook brand page
  • Produced film quality video to introduce Hair Dry Spray


Kenra Hair Dry Spray reduces dry-time by 50%.

How much time do you spend drying hair?

If you’re a stylist then you likely spend more time than you’d like to discuss. So, what would you rather be doing with that time?

Dry less. Live more.

A simple strategy goes a long way.

The strategy was to connect on Facebook through brand pages, engage users, and create a two-way social relationship. The goal was to drive conversation and build Kenra influencers.

The second part of the strategy was to meet stylists in-person and introduce/ demonstrate the new Hair Dry Spray. It was a chance for a hands-on demostration and hear about stylists’ needs.

Success comes when you're authentic and are fundamentally invested in providing a top-quality product.

Introducing this Kenra Platinum Dry Spray to the market was successful in so many ways. Prior to this campaign, Kenra had done very little digital marketing. With this project, we were able to guide Kenra through the process, showing them how to measure their success.

Throughout my collaboration with Kenra, we developed an authentic voice for their brand. We were successful in articulating that voice online, especially in social media, and developing it for future campaigns and product launches.

Connect and Share

One of the fundamental rules of social media is to share more than you take (ask for). In developing this campaign, we collaborated with Kenra to articulate their voice and understand the give/take philosophy. 

Specifically, Kenra gave their audience of stylists and professionals tips, techniques and how to’s, and a community to which they could tap into and connect with other pros. 

Kenra created a safe place to share content. It became a place for Kenra’s brand and professional stylists to grow.