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Genesys University


2016 – 2019


In 2016, Genesys acquired Interactive Intelligence. For the three years prior to the acquisition, I engineered and shaped the Interactive University brand. See my Interactive Intelligence case study for more details.

The new, post-acquisition organization implemented a fresh new Genesys logo and branding (compliments of Landor and Associates).

From December 2016 until June 2019, Genesys University was the training and support sub-brand of Genesys. I was the creative lead for the Genesys University brand, building upon the work of Landor and the internal Genesys marketing team.


The Genesys University brand, as I designed it, was intended to support the Genesys brand, first and foremost. However, with vastly different audiences, with different mindsets, the GU brand needed to be differentiated. So, using the same colors, typography, and iconography, I created a distinct and supportive brand.

The challenge we faced after identifying the voice of GU brand, was how to implement on a global scale. It was imperative that employees around the world could support the GU branding as they needed – when they needed. With consistency, there’s (brand) confidence. So, I developed the GU Branding guideline website. A one-stop reference tool for the brand – a complete design system for all training development, and marketing needs.

Another big initiative was the “Fundamental” level training. Strategically, the training was free. The intention was that the free training would convert to more paid training. I designed a custome GU branded WordPress template for all fundamental level training. The training template allowed GU to develop engaging courses with relatively low development costs. 


Genesys University was great success. The branding itself was implemented globally, with widespread acceptance.

Genesys University produced a record number of course titles, supporting the various Genesys product platforms. The guidelines were referenced by hundreds of GU employees.

The “Fundamental” level training was in fact a gateway for hundreds of customer into paid GU training.

See more details below.

A global design
system at the team's fingertips.

Question: How do you develop and distribute resources and guidelines to a global workforce quickly and fluidly? 

Answer: WordPress. I designed the GU Branding guideline website in less than 30 days (from design to go live launch). It evolved over the next 12 months to become the universal reference point for all training development. It contained everything from brand standards, tone and voice, to writing style guidelines, and an impact dashboard. 

Foundations level training for free.

Research indicated that traveling to a far away location for a couple of days of classroom training was a big hurdle for many Genesys customers. Although Genesys always offered a mix of classroom and online trianing, the trends have pointed toward more elearning. In order to accomplish several objectives – broadening our audience, growing the brand, and increasing lead generation, I created an entry-level elearning course template.

It needed to be impressive, engaging, and easy to replicate. It also needed to be on brand and easy to use – for rapid deployment.

I lead the instructional design (course creation), the user experience, front-end and the development of the training.

As a single page learning experience, it that could be easily replicated. The solution was developed in WordPress with standard content areas.

Each course had…

    • A mix of standard content sections, i.e. Overview, What is X, What it does, etc., and unique customized content areas
    • A consistent “on brand” look and feel
    • Engaging interactive elements that enhanced the learning experience

As a brand, Genesys University stood on it's own and supported the main Genesys branding.

Showing a vision to inspire the possibilities.

Designing and implementing the Genesys University brand took a lot of conceptualizing. The images to the right are elearning screens used as a guide and inspiration for the course developers.