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Flight 1, Inc.


Flight1 is an aviation program that rebuilds confidence in children affected by serious health challenges. Operating as a nonprofit organization out of Indianapolis, their programs develop confidence through the love of aviation and flight. Flight1 organizes mentors from all over the state to help teach and guide the next generation of aviation enthusiasts.

F1’s commitment is focused on programming that has a measurable positive impact on the well-being of the children they serve.



In 2013 Marcus and Sandy Strawhorn came to me wanting to collaborate on developing the Flight1 brand. As a new nonprofit though, their resources were limited. To me their mission was so compelling that I had to help. Through our collaboration, I developed the Flight1 brand to be inspiring and simple – simple enough that their volunteers could take it to new heights. 

The branding was designed to be a modular system, making repurposing elements easy and consistent. I designed the website, an email newsletter, posters, and a “donor ask” pamphlet with interchangeable inserts. Many elements of those projects became the arsenal from which the organization could build new marketing materials as necessary.  


Flight1 is now almost a decade into changing the lives of those in need. They’ve grown bigger and served more, increasing their programming and raising more funding year-over-year. The Flight1 crew is now able to manage most of the brand marketing needs and assets. The Flight1 design system gave them freedom and flexibility. It’s been wonderful to see their success take flight.

A fresh
new look that
evolves the brand.

Branding made easy - for the entire organization.

Flight Record: Continued growth, exceeding expectations, and building confidence in children who temporarily lost their wings.

Ticket to Fly
Introductory Brochure

I designed this brochure (see above image) to grow with Flight1. It’s a tri-fold style brochure with a pocket. The pocket houses various inserts (see right) or customizable cards. The organization has 6-8 different cards they can use to satisfy the needs (i.e. donar development; marketing promo; participant instruction, etc). Each insert card explains a program or component of the Flight1 organization. Together, it’s reminiscent of a vintage airline boarding pass. And extremely versitile for Flight1.

Courageous flyers soaring to new levels