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More than 25 years ago I started a journey, from intern to creative director and beyond. I’ve had many roles in both big advertising agencies and agile little design firms. I’ve honed my creativity–applying visual arts principles, practices and techniques concertedly to design and create outstanding web, print, and branding projects.


Sr. Instructional Designer/Creative Lead
2020 – 2016

Responsibilities include strategy, design, and development of educational and training materials for all Genesys software and products. Close collaboration with stakeholders, subject matter experts, and various teams world-wide.

Work with training developers to review raw information, create engaging training and marketing to achieve desired goals, increase subscriptions, and build loyal customers.

Transformed the Genesys University brand first through a corporate acquisition, and then through a post acquisition rebranding (from Genesys University to Genesys Beyond).

Designed and standardized the global Genesys University brand guidelines.

Amplified customer engagement through innovative use of learning products (including classroom training materials, job aids, and web-based solutions.)

Increased retention, and broadened the learning experience through the launch of a learning subscription plan.

Devised the conceptual vision for the new Genesys Beyond global training platform (including user experience, wireframing, user interface design, and naming).

When I started my career 25+ years ago, I had a young man’s hairline. I long for that hairline now, but I wouldn’t trade a single step of my career for it.


There’s something amazing about running. I try to do it often. However, I’m pretty sure the more I run the better the stock market does. Ask me about my  theory and the undeniable correlation between the two. 

Since their birth, my kids have been pillars in my life. If you’re a parent you might relate. It’s amazing. And now, as you can see (chart bottom left), they stand taller than I. 

Indianapolis Art Center

Present – 2015

A nonprofit arts center offering affordable arts education, events, and community outreach to the Indianapolis area.

Responsibilities include development of lesson plans, the creation of engaging classroom materials, discussions/activities, etc., and in-classroom teaching of a variety of courses, including Graphic Design (Beginner, Intermediate), Web Design, Logo Design, Animation, and Brand Theory.


This experience has been beneficial in my professional career, as it’s given me great insight into the adult continuing education mindset. I have a deeper understanding of what is engaging to learners and how to teach creativitiy and technical subjects to a broad audience with a non-technical background.


Developed 6 classes and taught hundreds of students of all ages

Grew digital arts enrollment year-over-year

2018 Brain Expansion Series Speaker – History of Graphic Design

Interactive Intelligence

Sr. Instructional Designer/Creative Lead
2013 – 2016

Responsibilities included designing and developing innovative learning products (such as classroom training materials, job aids, activities, web-based solutions, and elearning). Designing, implementing, and supporting technology based training using multimedia authoring tools – Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Captivate, and Articulate Storyline. Collaborate with SMEs, and translate written curriculum into visually effective learning or elearning products. Concepting, designing, and producing training videos, animations, and other web-based solutions.


Designed the PureCloud™ training brand, an award winning scenario-based training program.

Lead a cross-functional team in designing and developing a dedicated WordPress elearning website for PureCloud™ with integrated learning management system.

Collaborated with SMEs to optimize training content for a more engaged user base.

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My case studies

Genesys University

Branding is a vital discipline for any successful organization. How can a sub-brand support the main brand and have a distinguishable look? Genesys University did just that – in a fresh and compelling way. See for yourself.

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Kenra Dry Less Case Study

Kenra Haircare products, a leading haircare company focused on the professional markets, was launching a new Blow Dry spray. It promises 50% less dry time. That’s money in your hair dresser’s pocket. See how a strategic vision, some social media savvy, and on-point branding make for a beautiful looking style.

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PureCloud Training Case Study

PureCloud was a new future-focused product from Interactive Intelligence. While much of the product was intuitively designed, the need for customer training and guidance was still needed. The solution we developed was equally futuristic.

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Rebrand goes Beyond

Genesys University was at a crossroads. The training segment of Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories was changing. The word University was no longer accurately describing the service offerings. A complete rebrand turned the tides – taking it to new heights.

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The first mobile app for the Brickyard

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the most legendary racetrack in the world. Annually, it hosts not only the Indy 500, the Brickyard 400, and several other races. Check out their first mobile app and see how they connected with fans like never before.

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Where the corndogs at?!

The Indiana State Fair is two weeks of food, folks, and fun. And with thousands of visitors in that time, having direct connection to attendees is a brilliant plan. See how we took the mystery out of finding fair food and made the State Fair better than ever.

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